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Rebecca Crook

Head of Business Development

Our latest thoughts:

  • 13/05/2015

    #FTCar good to hear #AstonMartin brand vision & strategy from CEO Andy Palmer. Wish them every success!

  • 13/05/2015

    #FTCar autonomous cars if choice is between hitting old lady or child, cars will avoid both by predicting situation via preventative action

  • 13/05/2015

    #FTCar good session this morning on customer demand moderated by Lance Bradley #mitsubishi

  • 13/05/2015

    #FTCar connected car - so the next big issue (outside safety/security) is data privacy - hasn't it always been?

  • 13/05/2015

    #FTCar we need to add 2.1 additional charge points for each new electric car introduced. Erik CEO POD Point

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